Salon Services

Salon Services

Salon Services

Salon Services

All Breed Grooming Includes:

  • Bath with our hypo-allergenic Coat Handler shampoo

  • Complimentary massage during bathing session

  • Blow Dry

  • Brushing (does not include dematting)

  • Ears cleaned/plucked (if necessary)

  • Anal glands expressed externally (can be done internally by veterinary technician for additional fee)

  • Toe nails trimmed (recommend dremmeling nails after trimming for the best results)

  • Haircut (according to owners request)

  • Pads of feet and sanitary areas trimmed on dogs who do not require a haircut (according to owners request)

  • Bow or Bandana (according to owners request)

Nail Dremmeling

Nail dremmeling allows groomers to get nails shorter and smoother than a traditional nail trim. Dremmeling can eventually recede the quicks of the nails when performed every 3-4 weeks, allowing groomers to get the nails shorter.


Furminating Shed-Less Treatment

This treatment is a process in which we blow-dry the dog first with our high velocity dryers, which releases their dead undercoat. Then we shampoo with our hypo-allergenic Coat Handler shampoo, which cleans the coat and moisturizes the skin. We then use a Furminator Remoisturizing Conditioner, which sits on the skin and coat for about 5 minutes, release more of the dead hair, while conditioning completely. After any haircut, we brush the remainder of the undercoat out with our brushes specialized for the dogs coat type.


Teeth Brushing

A basic teeth brushing with an enzymatic, poutlry flavored toothpaste, will remove plaque build up, which we follow with a breath-freshening spray. We recommend that the teeth get brushed not only at each grooming visit, but that you maintain their oral care at home with teeth brushing or oral rinses. (If there is tarter build up on the teeth, a full dental cleaning is recommended. This anesthetic procedure, where all tarter and plaque is scaled off the teeth, this can be done at the time of the groom.

Rejuvinating, Remoisturizing, Detaingling Conditioner

This conditioning treatment is most effective when used on a regular basis. It helps reduce skin flakes, and skin greasiness without stripping the coat and skin of its natural oils. It also helps make the coat easier to handle in between grooms while brushing at home.