Total Pet Care: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services in Fishers

Bridgeview Animal Hospital in Fishers provides comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services. Our pet care spans from individualized flea and tick control programs, bathing, grooming and boarding to emergency care, routine and complex pet surgical services, an online retail store and pharmacy, dentistry, dietary counseling and everything in between.

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services:

Diagnostic and therapeutic services involve all aspects of care that help us find, evaluate, manage and resolve pet health problems:

  • Dietary Counseling: Pet dietary counseling is important for proper growth, development, fitness, etc. Many skin, coat, and other system conditions can be managed through your pet’s diet.
  • Radiology Services: Digital radiology services give us high-definition x-rays we can use to diagnose and treat internal problems quickly and efficiently.
  • PennHIP/OFA Certified: Our PennHIP/OFA certified Fishers veterinarian are specially trained to evaluate and solve dog hip problems using the PennHIP/OFA certified advanced 4382674.jpegprotocols.
  • Online Retail Store and Pharmacy: You can order vitamins, medications, shampoos, heartworm medications, flea and tick preventatives and prescription pet foods from our online retail store and pharmacy.
  • In-House Laboratory: With our full-service on-site laboratory, we do not have to wait for laboratory results from anywhere else. This is a critical time saver, especially when your pet is here for emergency care or pet surgical services.

Pet Surgical Services

Bridgeview Animal Hospital in Fishers provides a complete range of advanced pet surgical services. This includes everything from routine spay and neuter surgeries and emergency care to lumpectomies, cystotomys, exploratories, and more,:

  • Electrocardiography Services: Pets under anesthesia are monitored with  electrocardiography services to monitor the activity and condition of the heart. We provide ECG services on site as well as consultations with cardiology specialists.
  • Anesthesia: We individualize the anesthesia protocol for each pet to ensure the safest  anesthesia protocols for every pet undergoing surgery. Every patient is recommended to have full laboratory testing done before we administer anesthesia to check for any problems.  In additions, we monitor vital signs constantly on surgical pets.
  • Cryo-Surgery: In cryo-surgery, we use liquid nitrogen to freeze off un-wanted tissue like 4382653.jpegtumors, cysts, warts, etc. Cryo-surgery involves less bleeding, less pain and often requires no anesthesia.
  • Pet Dentistry: 80% of pets have pet dental disease! All pets need a pet dentistry appointment at least once a year. While pet dental cleanings require anesthesia, we often use electrocautery to perform oral surgeries to reduce pain and recovery time.

Grooming and Bathing: Beauty is more than skin deep in our pet grooming and bathing facility. In fact, our grooming and bathing pros professionals are trained to find skin or coat symptoms that can indicate deeper health issues. They can then alert you and our Fishers veterinarian. We also provide individualized flea control programs designed to fit your pet’s needs. These individualized flea control programs take into account your pet’s living environment, skin conditions and overall health while keeping the fleas away.

Feline Boarding: Unfortunately, you cannot take your cat everywhere. But you can have the peace of mind of boarding your cat right here in our animal hospital with our veterinarian close at hand. Boarding here at Bridgeview Animal Hospital is good, clean and fun!

Pet Emergency Care: If your pet needs emergency care, call us immediately at 317-841-3315 , or just drive over during our office hours.

To learn more about our services, call us at 317-841-3315  today.